L. Connolly December 18, 2023

L. Connolly | 2023-12-18 19:37:38

"This feed store is a fun place to visit for my dog needs and horse needs. They always have new fun toys for my dogs and treats for my old horse. I use the western three string hay and Buckeye feed and have been very happy."
Pam W. October 20, 2022

"It's a very good horse place to shop wormers, hay, feed, they always told me to have a good day, and they just helped Tomorrow's Equestrian Center held a BBQ and auction on their ground's yesterday next year will be better, I enjoyed it."
MC R. October 20, 2022

"Love this family owned and operated business. They are such nice people. Love their sweet pellet formula they have made for their store. My horses also love it. I feed this to my retirees, barren broodmares, and lay-ups they all have dapples and look amazing with no other additives."
Harriett J. October 20, 2022

Harriett J

"Very nice family run business. Feed and hay are top quality, though shipping problems have affected all businesses at this time. Equine as well as dog and cat food available. Also buckets and barn needs addressed."